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Met at Global Academy Summer Camp, Came Closer to SBA SWUFE

On 15 July 2022, the 2022 Global Academy Summer Camp themed as Global Best Practices of Business Management in an Unpredictable Situation came to an end after two weeks.

The 2022 Global Academy Summer Camp was hosted virtually by the School of Business Administration (SBA), Faculty of Business Administration (FBA), Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE), and co-organized by the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation (Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs) and the Academic Research Department of SWUFE. It officially started on 4 July and lasted for two weeks, attracting more than 60 students from China, Germany, Greece, South Korea, Mongolia, Morocco, Pakistan and Russia. Professor Jue Wang, Executive Dean of SBA SWUFE, expressed his warm welcome to all the participants and introduced SBA, as well as SWUFE and the previous Global Academy Summer Camps in his opening speech.

The Summer Camp invited distinguished guest speakers from home and abroad, including professors from Tsinghua University (China), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (China), University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (China), Zhejiang University (China), University of Leeds (UK), University of Stuttgart (Germany), Université de Strasbourg (France), Washington State University (USA), as well as corporate executives from Intel, Bayer Pharma and European Chamber Southwest China Chapter. It provided an international feast of a series of lectures in academic and industrial fields. In addition, a series of colorful cultural and exchange activities were also carried out as scheduled, including ice-breaking, Chinese learning, Chinese paper-cutting, an insight into Shu culture, and Hello SWUFE. Hello SWUFE is a video-based virtual tour, which showed SWUFE two campuses and told the stories of SWUFEers from the perspective of daily life such as studying, eating, working, playing and other diverse activities. In the past two weeks, the participants learnt knowledge about global best practices of business management, visited Chengdu virtually, experienced Chinese culture, gained cross-cultural experience, appreciated youth and inspired dreams. Meanwhile, the participants also displayed the specialties of their hometowns, like a Chinese and Western visual gluttony. Finally, the participants worked in teams and shared their ideas about the theme of this Summer Camp in the final group presentation session. Professors gave each team some advices and spoke highly of the performance of all team members. And then, Professor Jue Wang addressed his thanks to all participants, guest speakers, volunteers and colleagues to make the Summer Camp successful, and announced that the 2022 Online Global Academy Summer Camp of SBA SWUFE was closed.

The 2022 Online Global Academy Summer Camp aimed at bringing domestic and oversea faculty-students together into SWUFE virtually, sharing professional knowledge, understanding Chinese culture, strengthen international exchanges, and enhance international friendship. Throughan exciting and rich variety of activities, the participants fully felt the broad and profound Chinese culture, and the hospitality of Chengduand the happiness of the city. All friendship, encouragement, and achievements among the participants became a beautiful scenery of SWUFE.