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Virtual Orientation for Incoming Students, the Starting of a Prosperous Semester at SBA SWUFE

On 4 September 2021, the International Affairs Office of the School of Business Administration (SBA) held an online orientation for incoming students to help them with a good starting of new semester under the COVID-19.

The orientation was divided into four parts: opening speech and introduction of university and school, course information and reminder of regulations & safety, general information by ISA, and Q&A session.

After a sincere welcome speech to all incoming students, Professor Mingfeng Tang, Assistant Dean in charge of International Affairs, gave a detailed introduction to the university and the school, giving incoming students the overall impression of SWUFE. Subsequently, Ms Catherine Zhou, Programme Coordinator, introduced the course arrangements and requirements in detail and had a reminder of safety, preparing incoming students well for their study and living in Chengdu. Then, Ms Shuo Huang, one of the International Student Association (ISA) volunteers, introduced the general information of ISA and some living tips. At last, in Q&A session, students were satisfied with answers to what concerned them and were looking forward to their journey at SWUFE.

Although the COVID-19 has made international mobility difficult, the enthusiasm and joy will never fade. Wish all students a fruitful study life and a fantastic experience at SWUFE, China.